Knight's Path is a hand-drawn deck-building roguelike card game. You start the game by selecting one of the available knights, each with a different starting advantage.

Every card is used up when played, so your managing your deck is just as important as managing your health. As you traverse through the lands, you will be able to meet various denizens of the world and explore dungeons filled with monsters, to earn rewards to help you on your quest.

Everything after you start the game is randomly generated, allowing each play through to be a different experience.

It is being developed with the Godot Engine.

(Web player version is a demo and ends after the first set of nodes.)

I appreciate comments, feedback and suggestions~!


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Knight's Path v0.3.0 - 15 MB

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You need more player feedback!

tooltips for keywords on cards and an indicator for the next enemy action are minimum

also an explanation of the bonus card in your char selection would be nice.

good luck with the project 

While being able to deck out is an okay lose condition, not having any way to recycle cards makes the deckbuilding strategically simple; I just want to have as many cards as possible all the time and there's no real cost to having garbage cards in my deck.  Consider adding a condition under which the deck is reshuffled, perhaps after each boss.

Thank you for the feedback.

I think reshuffling wouldn't be too bad to have - I also considered cards that can save themselves from being used up, or even a chain card that can do so for others. 

I will definitely keep this into consideration.

(Sorry about the delayed reply.)

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Liked the game. Not sure if it's a bug but ran out of deck in dungeon. Also if you run out of deck by using chain card then you get stuck and can't do anything because you can't end your turn since there's no card to choose to end the chain.


The deck is meant to be a resource, like health, so being able to deck out is intended.  However, I'm currently re-evaluating dungeons - it is meant to be a high risk high reward option, but they might be a bit draining on the deck count to complete..

The chain card issue is definitely a bug though - and I will fix it by the next update.  Thank you for letting me know!

Pretty cool. I would think that if I have two cards with chain, I could add in a third, but this didn't seem to work. Perhaps it would be nice to have some text somewhere you could click to get more info on what effects the card you played had. Also idle animations for the characters would be nice addition. :-)

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Thank you!

I felt like being to stack chains would be too powerful, but I'm considering having
specific chains be capable of chaining before a chain.. or something like that, lol..

I definitely will add idle animations eventually, and other monsters/enemies too!

Thank you for the feedback~

Edit: Formatting, because it's my first time posting on Itch, lol..